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Norton 360 developed by Symantec Corporation, is a part of the Norton security solutions package for combined online protection and performance tuning. The software protects data and information across more than one platform. Norton antivirus is one of the best available in the market and is also widely chosen by individuals and businesses for security solutions. If you need any software support you can connect with Norton 360 support team.

Though the software is almost full proof, providing better and faster solutions analyzing results in real time, some problems always remain.

Norton 360 support

Norton 360: Account Related Problems: 

Today, when you setup Norton 360 antivirus on your system, you are required to log in to your Norton account for better functionality and secured services. Your Norton account has all information you have provided during registration and setup of the software. You can see and manage all given information by logging in to your account. You should keep your login credentials safe and secure only for you and should not be shared. If you are having problems when trying to login to your account, you are either providing incorrect credentials or have forgotten your password. To solve this issue, you need the Norton login page or and use the Forgot Password option to change or retrieve your password. For this issue, You can also get connected with Norton 360 support experts.

Problems Related to Firewall: 

The Norton 360 securities package includes a firewall, which on installation overwrites the system firewall and takes control of activities. The firewall scans and understands files and web pages that are being executed in real-time giving notifications and messages when threats are discovered. The firewall will stop or pause the execution of any unrecognized executable file. The firewall also checks incoming data and downloads from the internet and other sources. If you are facing difficulties like constant notifications about known files and aborting of unrecognized processes when called upon, you need to make changes to your firewall settings.

Access the Norton 360 Antivirus software dashboard and open the firewall settings. Add the programs you want your firewall to overlook the exceptions. This will give access to the files and programs without any notification and stops monitoring the specific file or program.

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Problems Related To Updates:

Like all other software, Norton is too connected to its servers constantly exchanging data and logs seamlessly in real-time. The software shares data with the servers for better engagement and functionality of the services gaining more knowledge and increasing databases. The developers also from time to time release updates for the software, adding new features, better functionality, and understanding of threats and system.

Updating your antivirus is very much required as you are almost always connected to the web. there are plenty of new threats and malicious elements every day on the internet. Updates carry information about this thing making your antivirus smarter and well equipped.

Problems Related to Subscription:

Norton markets its products as subscriptions in the open market. Doesn’t matter what form the software is purchased in direct download, Boxed disc or OEM version, the software is only good for a year. When the Norton Antivirus subscription expires, the software will continue to operate normally but updates will no longer be available and protection of your system will continue with the outdated database making your system vulnerable to newer threats.  It is essential to maintain an up to date database and keep an active Norton Antivirus subscription.

Norton 360 Support

Try to maintain a proper security solution for your home or business, it is essential in the modern age with threats everywhere on the web. If you are confused or need any further assistance, feel free to contact our Norton Customer Support Number for easy solutions. Norton 360 support is always here to help you and available 24×7.

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