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We have tremendous depth in offering you the products and services related to the Microsoft. Our Team strives to learn and win the confidence, loyalty, and satisfaction of our customer by helping them with their problem and issues. We use our expertise to resolve all your issues and problems depending upon its texture. Reach Microsoft Office 365 customer service via toll-free phone number or chat support.

Our Team provides the services for the products and software of MS office 365 as the new customers find it difficult to control it and understand it. We provide the basic and easy guidelines for understanding the working of your office 365 tools and how to handle them and control the structure of the software. To provide you with the best assistance and support is our prime concern.

MS Office 365 is the Microsoft product which provides the software product and its related products. It is really helpful in business-oriented applications & areas.

Microsoft Office 365 Customer Service

MS Office 365 suite comprises of

  • MS Word, MS Excel, MS power point, MS OneNote, MS Publisher and Skype.
  • Exchange Online suite which comprises of email, calendar, and tasks.
  • Share point online which is the web portal.
  • One Drive for business.
  • Planner for managing the project.
  • Teams of MS Office.

The features of MS office 365 are to manage the products provided by us. During an issue, you can control all the Microsoft Products by online portal printed. The issues may be simple or complicated but the task of our technical engineers is to resolve them. Our assistants are highly skilled and trained in their respective fields.

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Features of MS Office 365

  • Real-time Co-Authoring of the file where you can save your file online and join with others to work with you.
  • You can chat with your co-workers in the MS Office 365 suite if you have any problem with the file or the document you are working on.
  • It allows you to insert the links to your files in your co-workers instead of sending the whole file.
  • You can work more efficiently on power point presentation by using the various applications provided by us.
  • You can power the maps into your excel files for adding the more visuals and effects in the files.
  • Editing and converting is easy and simple in the office suite.
  • Reading and resuming feature is the best feature of the suite. You can write your word document on the different device and read in the different one from where you left.
  • Email storage is also provided. 50 GB storage is the limit for the bandwidth of Email.
  • You can work offline and make the changes later.

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