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Microsoft Access is one of the most important software and a member of MS Office suite developed by Microsoft.  It is a Database Management System (DBMS) that combines and merges with Microsoft relational database with the user interface and other software development tools.

Software developers, data analyst, and professional users use Microsoft Access to develop various applications. It is based on the concept of object-oriented programming language and supported by Visual Basic Application.

Let us take a look at some of the important issues and their solution of MS Access.

MS Access Issues

  • Mismatch errors are the pervasive problem with the MS Access. The new, as well as experienced user, usually faces this issue. It occurs when you try to solve a query or establish a relation between two tables.
  • Access is difficult to use as the professional database. It is used as the other database but not as the real one. It may be the reason due to the users using it may be from the non-programming base. Most of the Access users are not good programmers.
  • It is based and supported by a Visual Basic application (VBA) which is not a pure language just because of this Access technically faces many issues.
  • Microsoft Access gets easily corrupted reason being it is easily attacked by unauthorized user and spyware.
  • Security issues are also the reason for the technical failure of Access.
  • The file server applications are inadequate and inferior used by Access. It uses the single server for all the information and processing.
  • Another issue with Access is that it ‘s hard to deploy and manage, unlike spreadsheets. It is also a massive application and has a lot of versions which makes it difficult to implement.

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